Jeff & Sarah Johnson

Jeff & Sarah Johnson

Jeff & Sarah Johnson serve with Cru City’s Global Resource Network out of Indianapolis, IN. This is an exciting era when the world of missions is open to more people than ever before, and when the global church is making incredible strides to fulfill the Great Commission. We want to seize the opportunity this moment offers by doing two things:

  1. Creating pathways to help everyday followers of Jesus make meaningful contributions to His Kingdom around the world—because it is going to take everyone to reach everyone.

  2. Helping the global church partner to fulfill the Great Commission—because it is going to take the world to reach the world.

We do this by connecting individuals, churches, and ministry teams in the US with meaningful, local-led missions opportunities around the world, and by mobilizing US laborers to live and work in locations and ministries at the invitation of local ministry leaders around the world.

This is not the Johnsons’ work—it is God’s work—and we invite you to join us in striving to see the Great Commission fulfilled for the glory of King Jesus.

You can connect with Jeff here, sign up for our ministry updates here, and contribute financially here.