As we enter the new year, we hope to begin with a day of prayer on Saturday, January 16. Will you join us?

This will be a time for KBC to gather as a body to calibrate our hearts, connect with God, and exchange prayer requests. Here’s how it will work:

1. Sign up for a 30 minute time slot through this link: (

2. You’ll receive a link to a private YouTube video we’ve created for our KBC family on Friday 1/15.

3. That video will guide you through a prayer session of 30 minutes where we’ll pray for ourselves, each other, our community, and our world.

4. While we’ll be individually praying in our own homes, we’ll be joining with our entire church as we reach out to God on the same day around some common requests.

Thirty minutes may feel like a big commitment to some, but we would invite you to surprise yourself. The guided video will coach you so that the time will go quickly!

We have opened up time slots between 6:00 am and midnight on January 16. Our hope is that each person who attends KBC will be able to block out 30 minutes that they can use to draw near to God, and in this way, we can begin the new year connecting with God as a body. Sign up for any time that fits your schedule on that day. It is okay if people sign up for the same time slot. Our hope is that by signing up for a slot that you can commit to, we will have brothers and sisters praying throughout the entire day.

Would you join us?  Sign up for your 30-minute time slot here:

(If the link above does not work, try copying the address and pasting it into your browser).