Women’s Fall Bible Study

Join us Tuesday nights as we spend nine weeks diving into the book of Esther. We will see how the events of Esther tie in with those recorded in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah (which we’re working through on Sunday mornings this Fall) and further explore what it means to follow a God who is in the business of reviving hearts and restoring life.

Half our evening will be spent discussing that week’s passage from Esther. The other half will be a time of sharing our lives and lifting each other up in prayer. We hope this will be a meaningful time to connect with other women in authentic, deeper ways.

The study approach we will use is flexible in the amount of time it requires during the week. You could spend 15 minutes one day and be prepared to engage the discussion on at least a basic level. Or you could spend 15 minutes every day during the week and have a fuller and richer understanding of the passage to bring to the table. It’s up to you, and it can vary from week to week. Though it is not necessary for you to be able to attend every week, each week will build on the previous—both in study content and in building relationships—so we ask that if you desire to participate you make every effort to be there as much as is possible for you.

There is no cost for this study. Scripture journals of the book of Esther will be made available the first week for a small donation.