Scriptures & Sisters

Ever been curious about her‐‐the woman sitting next to you on
Sunday? Our body is full of gifted women who have unique passions
and creatively live out their love for Jesus, His followers, and His world
in endless ways. The Scriptures and Sisters series provides an
opportunity for us to learn from each other what it looks like to put
those loves into action.
The spring study format will include time to open scripture, hear from
a small panel of women who are passionate about the topic, and for
everyone to share their experience, challenges, and questions on the
topic. Every one of us has something to learn and something to
contribute, and this is a space for that to happen. Whether a
particular topic is a high point or low point for you, your sisters need
you, love you, and want to learn with you!
The structure allows for each week to be stand‐alone but we hope
you’ll make it a regular part of your weekly routine. Sprinkled through
the spring we’ll also have a few casual evenings set aside to simply
connect and get to know each other better. If you miss an evening feel free to visit our blog, here.

Feb 19 | Nourishment–Lovin’ from the Oven – How can we use food to build relationships and care for others?
Feb 26 | ConnectioNight (at Hudson home) – A more informal evening to allow us to connect in a different way. You’re invited to bring a favorite recipe and enjoy a cooking demonstration.
March 5 | Prayer – How do we respond to God’s invitation to draw near?
March 12 | Supporting those who Struggle – What does it look like to love those who wrestle with issues like depression, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and addiction?
March 19 | Loving our Leaders – How can we bless our pastors, elders, and missionaries?
March 26 | ConnectioNight – Location and activity TBD
April 2 | Seasons of Motherhood – How does the role of motherhood change through the years, and how can we encourage others in different stages?