Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s) are built on two simple principles:

  1. Discipleship happens best in relationship
  2. The Word of God is necessary for spiritual maturing.

LTG’s are groups of two to four men or women (groups are not co-ed) in a mutually accountable relationship that centers on integrity, the Bible, and prayer. (Multiplication is a core tenet of discipleship, so groups are encouraged to split into two groups when a fifth individual joins; this makes for two groups with room to grow, rather than one group that is growing too large to be as effective.)

LTG’s gather for one hour per week to spend time on three things: Opening Up, Taking In, Giving Away.

OPEN UP – What has been going on in your heart, mind, and life this week?

  • Examine your desires, thoughts, and actions this week; what do you need to acknowledge as wrong or even questionable?
  • Here are potential questions to ask each other as you pursue integrity together:
    • How have you been a good witness to Jesus this week?
    • How have you been a poor witness to Jesus this week?
    • Have you lusted physically or emotionally after a person or relationship?
    • Have you had full integrity in your dealings as employee, employer, colleague?
    • Have you spent significant mental, emotional, or physical energy pursuing that which God has not given you?
    • Have you chosen anger and/or ill-will toward another? If so, what is a step toward reconciliation with them?
    • Have you just been completely honest with your answers, avoiding selecting words to mask the severity of some failings?

TAKE IN – What has God been showing and teaching you from His Word this week?

  • Agree on a significant–but manageable–Bible reading plan for the week. (For example, you might choose to read a shorter book of the Bible (like Philippians) two or three times during the week. Or you might choose to read 12-15 chapters of a longer book.) 
  • Reading and discussing in community is vital. Agree on what will be read for the week. All group members must complete the reading in the allotted time before moving on to a new reading. You can take turns picking the next week’s reading.
  • Record insights and reactions to your reading in a journal.
  • Here are potential questions to ask each other as you take in the Word of God together:
    • How have you seen God, people, or this world in a fresh light because of your time in the Word?
    • What questions or topics are you going to research or learn more about?
    • How have you responded to God in praise for what you have read this week?
    • How do you feel compelled to act as a result of what you read this week?

GIVE AWAY – Who am I praying and striving to share Jesus with this week?

  • Have a “Top Three” or “Top Five” list of people you want to see trusting and following Jesus
  • Pray regularly and specifically for these people.
  • Stay current on their lives so you can interact accurately and lovingly with them.
  • Here are potential questions to ask each other as you strive to give away the Good News of Jesus together:
    • Have you prayed for each of these souls by name specifically this week?
    • Have you been in touch with anyone on your list to express significant care, interest, or support?
    • What strategic step can you take next to move toward a spiritual conversation with someone on your list?
    • Did you avoid doing something this week that would have moved you toward a spiritual conversation with someone on your list?

These are merely guidelines. The goal is not that you follow this exact format, but that you regularly gather with other believers to follow Jesus together. 

Grab a friend or two, your Bible, bookmark this page–and follow Jesus together.

For more information on why we use LTG’s at Kishwaukee Bible Church, please see our blog post here.