Jesse Meekins

I love Jesus and want nothing more than to know him and make him known to others. Since first experiencing God’s grace and surrendering my life into his hands as a late teen, my relationship with Christ has continued to deepen, growing in character, competence, and commitment to him. Through life and ministry I have learned to trust in the power of the Gospel of God, the authority of the Word of God, and the significance of the People of God, all for the accomplishment of his saving purposes.

My foremost desire is to be used by God for the expansion of his kingdom, calling the body of Christ back to its biblical foundations. My prayer is that, by his strength, I may in word and deed encourage, equip, and ignite a passion in the local church for following his Son, for his glory and for the good of his world.

My wife–Catherine–myself, and our four children–Emmit (7), Alethia (5), Eden (3), and Veirty (almost 1)–live in Sycamore and started at KBC in August of 2017.