Spring Book Club – week 1

Welcome to Week One of “Pursue The Intentional Life”

This week before you meet you will need to read:

  • Chapters 1-4 (pages 15-34)

The key verse(s) for you to memorize and/or meditate on this week are:

  • Psalm 90:12

Discussion questions for this week will include:

  • In Chapter 1, Jean speaks of two questions she finds motivating, challenging, and “infinitely consequential”: What kind of old woman will I become? How will I live the rest of my life? What thoughts or feelings do you have as you consider those questions?

  • We just had a funeral this past week at KBC. Many spoke of Opa as one who faithfully loved Jesus and his family until the very end. What would you most want to be said of you at your funeral?

  • In Chapter 2, the author shares her reasons for writing this book for herself, and for sharing it with others. What stood out to you from her thoughts on this?

  • In Chapter 3, she talks about having space in her life for reflection. How much space is there in your life for reflection? How much effort do you make to create that space? What keeps you from doing this more?

  • In Chapter 4, she points out that there’s a difference between worrying about tomorrow and preparing for tomorrow. What do you think is the difference? How do you experience this in your own life?

  • In Chapter 4, she speaks of living a prepared life. What does she mean by this? What kind of preparation is she talking about? What is she calling us to prepare for?

  • We tend to assume that we will live to old age, but many people don’t. Whether you live for 30 years, or 60, or 90, the Bible says our lives are “like a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (James 4:14). In light of eternity, our time here on earth is short! Read Psalm 90:12 together as a group. What point is Moses making in this verse? How does this connect to the chapters we read this week?

Before you get started, please watch this five-minute video: