Spring Book Club – week 3

Welcome to week three of “Pursue the Intentional Life”

This week you will need to read:

  • Chapters 9-12 (p. 61-85)

The key verse(s) for you to memorize and/or meditate on this week are:

  • Romans 8:22-23

In chapter 11, Jean speaks briefly about our identity in Christ. There’s so much more that could be said on this subject! The following blog article is a helpful starting place for exploring this more (including a lovely pdf you can print and keep handy where you can see it often):  Blog

Discussion questions for this week will include:

  1. In chapter 9, Jean imagines what life will look like in heaven. As you’ve thought about heaven, what have you pictured? How would you describe it? How does Jean’s picture of heaven compare with your own?

  1. Chapter 10 begins with Jean imagining how she will first see Jesus. Have you ever thought about what it will be like when you meet Jesus face-to-face? What have you imagined that will be like? 

  1. How does Jean describe Jesus in heaven in chapter 10? How does Jean describe herself in heaven?

  1. What thoughts or feelings did these two chapters on Phase 2 (chapters 9-10)  inspire in you?

  1. Read Romans 8:18-25. What do you notice from these verses? How do these verses connect with the idea we have been exploring of living in Phase 1 with Phase 2 in view?

  1. In chapter 11, the author speaks of living in the fullness of our identity in Christ as we live in Phase 1. We all struggle with this issue of identity! What do you find most challenging about finding your identity solely in who God says you are? Who or what else do you tend to allow to shape your sense of identity?

  1. In chapter 12, Jean talks about wanting her “face to minister to people”. Is there someone you know who blesses you with the way they listen to you? What is it about the way they express themselves without words–by the expression on their faces, by their body language– that stands out to you?

  1. Jean talks about having “faces” that reflect the glory and joy of our salvation. What do you think of this? In what ways would you say that your “face” does or doesn’t do this

Before you get started, please watch this five-minute video: