Spring Book Club – week 2

Welcome to Week TWO of “Pursue The Intentional Life”

This week before you meet you will need to read:

  • Chapters 5-8 (pages 35-58)

The key verse(s) for you to memorize and/or meditate on this week are:

  • Philippians 1:20

Discussion questions for this week will include:

  1. In Chapter 5, Fleming says, “Every life creates an atmosphere.”  What atmosphere does your life create? Spend some time talking to God about this, and ask him to help you honestly assess this. You might also consider asking a close friend, a spouse, or a parent what they would say about your life. How do you feel about the answer–about the atmosphere your life creates??

  2. In Chapter 5, she talks about our key verse for the week (Philippians 1:20) and says that this verse is Paul expressing his “intended wing”. What does she mean by “intended wing”?

  3. Take a closer look at this verse first by reading Philippians 1:20 in its context (read Phil. 1:19-26).  Just what is Paul’s intent as he states it in 1:20? What does Fleming say about this intent in chapter 5?

  4. In Chapter 6, Fleming points out that “nobody soars all the time.” On p. 42 she says that a romanticized view of life in Christ is both destructive and dishonoring of God. What does she mean by that? How do you feel about this statement? To what extent do you agree or disagree? Why?

  5. In Chapter 7, she offers numerous reasons why numbering our days holds value. What reason resonated the most with you?

  6. If you only had one year left, what would be most important for you to invest in in relation to your family? What would be your best contribution to your church family? To your community? 

  7. In chapter 8, she sets the stage for the rest of the book’s discussion on what she calls “Phase 1 & 2.” What did you find most intriguing in this chapter?

Before you get started, please watch this five-minute video: