WINTER BOOK club – week FIVE

Welcome to week four of “Calm My Anxious Heart”

This week before you meet on February 22 you will need to read:

  • Chapters 8-9: “Worry Is Like a Rocking Chair” & “Faith: The Foundation”

The key verse(s) for you to memorize and/or meditate on this week are:

  • Hebrews 11:1

Discussion questions for this week will include (unique questions for the week are in bold):

  • If you had to pick one statement or idea from each chapter that you feel is the most important or powerful, which would it be? 

    • In chapter 8, Dillow says that if you asked ten different women to describe anxiety, you would get ten different answers. How would you define “worry” and “anxiety”? Do you see those as the same thing? Why or why not?

    • On page 124, she shares seven different areas that women tend to worry about. Which of those has been most prevalent in your life? What does anxiety or worry look like for you?

    • In chapter 9, she points out that “the key to faith is our object of it.” How has your knowledge of God and who he is impacted your ability to trust in him when trusting is hard? 

  • What’s something you had a question about, or maybe disagreed with?

  • What did you learn about God from each chapter? (Might not be a “brand-new-never-had-this-thought-before thing, but could also be something you already know but needed to be reminded of)

  • What did you learn about yourself from each chapter?

Before you get started, please watch this five-minute video: 

In the video, part of what I speak about is that there are different definitions of the word anxiety and that it’s important for us to differentiate and be clear about what we mean when we use the word. In the video, I said that I wasn’t going to attempt to engage those definitions. However, after I made the video, while I was looking something else up, I came across a short article that offers four different definitions for “anxiety” and addresses whether or not each is a sin. If I’d had time, I would have remade the video and revised it to include this content! It’s good food-for-thought and worth the few minutes, it will take to read it. You can find it here: