Winter Book club – week Two

Welcome to week two of “Calm My Anxious Heart”

This week before you meet on February 1 you will need to read:

  • Chapters 2-3: “Content with Circumstances” & “Content To Be Me”

The key verse(s) for you to memorize and/or meditate on this week are:

  • Philippians 4:8-9

Discussion questions for this week will include:

    • If you had to pick one statement or idea from each chapter that you feel is the most important or powerful, which would it be?

    • In chapter 2, on p. 28, the author asks you to list the positives and negatives God has allowed in your life. Find a few moments to do this, and ask God to help you honestly assess which list you tend to spend more time dwelling on. Do you tend to focus more on the “mud” or the “stars”? What do you learn about yourself from this exercise?

    • What are some things that are distinct about you and your personality? Which of those do you find it most challenging to be content with and/or to praise God for?

  • What’s something you had a question about, or maybe disagreed with?

    • What did you learn about God from each chapter? (Might not be a “brand-new-never-had-this-thought-before thing, but could also be something you already know but needed to be reminded of)

    • What did you learn about yourself from each chapter?

Before you get started, please watch this 10-minute video: